Activating the M3U using the Smart IPTV apps on Samsung and LG Smart TV

1. Download the Smart IPTV apps from your TV Playstore



2. Launch the application from your TV set

3. You will a screen similar to this



4. Jot down the TV MAC Address (shown in the red box on the right)

5. Visit the following URL from your phone web browser or internet device


handy hint copy and paste your playlist from the message admin sent you (remove any spaces)on the apps website will prevent mistakes, also make a note of it for safe keeping and refrence, you may need it to load the playlist again if you see the message "url error" when using the app

7. You will a screen similar to this


8. At the section below upload where it says upload local iptv you need to add your url link (your sub) to where it says URL M3U or TXT playlist URL….



9. Key in the TV MAC address that you jotted down earlier and key in the

URL provided link provided by the admin you purchased from

It will start with http:// see example

(http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) click save online, click capcha and click Add Link

Reboot app or tv

10. Open app it should now be refreshed with your playlist.

11. on occasion you may need to delete current playlist

to do this enter mac address into delete playlist then click delete

then proceed with previous loading instructions.

12. if you haven’t already done so you have to pay a one time charge to buy the app after the 7 days trial of the app itself.



1.      App says url added and after rebooting no playlist added

Result, normally a typo in the url entered or your sub needs renewing.


2.      App on tv says url1 error or similar.

Result, app has lost playlist reload same way as originally when loading first time.

Or your sub is up for renewal.