Smarters Pro

Use Google Playstore or iOS (Apple)
Search for iptv smarters
Download app from google playstore/apple App Store/ or smart tv app store
smart tv app store (currently availaible on LG tvs only, if you cannot find on your tv its not availaible)

coming to samsungs soon! please note on smart tvs the app is on version 1 some features not the same as on other devices.

the app uses its own player so we cannot guarantee the functionality agianst our content, some will play some will not its based on compatibility to your device/tv

these features will be availaible in further updates which are automatic when released.

once downloaded Open it!

enter a name for it in top box. I.e tv or vod
Enter your admin given username in username and your password (from admin)
“They are case sensitive double check!!
Enter urls as follows for iptv or vod, IN LOWERCASE NO CAPITALS!

TV is
Ask your Sales Advisor for this info

Premium VOD is
Ask your Sales Advisor for this info

Smart tvs
may or may not need :80 on the end of the urls.
how to add both tv and vod urls
on main screen,

on main screen after logging in with one subscription, click option to list user and enter your other subscrition
details,for example if you entered tv you will now enter vod

from there you can switch user at your leisure.

If you have the dual url smarters version and both iptv and vod subs Add second sub after initial log on pressing the
plus top right of screen (or man’s head with arrows round it) to add user . And enter you other sub details and
url. Once installed click swap button to change between subs. right.