Kodi setup


Written by – Gamez-masta


We will be working with Kodi 17.0 upwards; don’t ask for support of older versions of Kodi as it is not supported. We will not be installing BUILDS.


If your android box is too old for Kodi 17 (v4.2.2) here is a download link to a modified Kodi 17.0 to work with older versions of android



Install Kodi, I’m not going to show you this as there are 1000s of YouTube videos showing this


Ok after installing Kodi you will see this


Let’s 1st remove a lot of these menus on the left as they can be very confusing and are not needed


Goto settings (the COG at the top left)


Then skin settings



Then main menu items go ahead and turn everything not need off

I always leave TV, Add-Ons & Favourites



Now exit back to settings and we are now going to install all network paths to our required plugins



In file manager click ADD SOURCE



In this screen we are now going to click on where it says <none>



Now enter this address for the plugins.

http://theshiz.info/kodi  then click OK

 give it a name youll recognise

 Click Ok again

Now, go back to the main screen, doesn’t it look less cluttered and intimidating.



Now let’s install the plugin

Click add on


Then click the little icon in the top left



If you see this list, click the 2 dots on the top row ..



Go down and click “Install from ZIP”



This message will pop up, click settings



Turn unknown source on




This message will pop up click yes



Now press back and click on “install from ZIP” again, you will not see the message this time



Your options may look different than this but still click the same as I do

Click on Repo



Then click on
“plugin.video.Shiztv.zip for tv add on

plugin.video.premiumvodbuild.zip for vod add on.

remember to reboot kodi after logging into the plugins for the addons to complete setup (this is mentioned further on aswel)”





Let it do its thing until you see this message pop up in the upper right corner, when it does, go back do same if you want to install the vod add on in the zip file





Now go all the way back to the main screen and open shiztv IPTV plugin or vod plugin to check all is working

The pictures will look different to thee ones below there the old ones, don’t worry about that you’ll see them by name



Enter your username and password


To finish tv set up read on.



Then click OK

This will pop up Click OK
If it Says Invalid Login you typed your login wrong! Try again

Choose Your Device

If your device is NOT in the list just choose the Bottom Option

A message will pop up to say settings have been setup and changed

To complete the iptv add on set up and setup the Full TV Guide for you, you need to restart the app

 IPTV addon is now Complete.

Sign into vod if you have a vod subscription by opening the vod add on.

Reboot kodi to complete the set up for vod addon